‘Blow Up’ is an ongoing theatrical instillation that utilizes the traditional academic self-portrait alongside simplistic, recognizable forms that create a contentious interplay between sexuality, gender, and cultural identities. The mass-produced, plastic motif of the blow-up doll juxtaposed with the soft materiality of towels, thread, and polyester stuffing seeks to create an interplay between traditional Western gender roles; the hand-sewn towels and dusters of the domestic/feminine space and the manufactured plastic, deformed, and sexualized image of the blow-up doll that remains within the capitalistic realm of conventional masculinity. The human, individualized image of the artist’s self-portrait embedded in a recognizable item seeks to create a sense of uncanny and discomfort; the piece represents the contemporary struggle with self-awareness of personal and group identity and the artist’s struggles with mental health within the context of her Texan background. The work is further distorted in shape by the addition of concepts of identifiable ‘Texan’ elements: the umbilical cord that acts as intestines (meat industry) and a lasso, and the warped interpretation of the cowboy hat. Through struggles with mental illness and the stigma attached to certain conditions labelled with features such as "identity disturbance", the artist has created a reparative, self-reflective, and playful work that intends to bridge the gap between illness and recovery. When installed, ’Blow Up’ is suspended within a theatrically lit and staged space that allows the viewer close interaction with the figure. The sculpture is intended to change in position over the course of its exhibit, creating a repetitive non-sensical pantomime of sexual actions and household chores