Monochrome and materiality

The domestic landscape is characterized by materiality.

And the textile, in its near-infinite forms, is inherent to the definition of the home.

The sanctum of the home is curated by the individual, patriarch, and/or matriarch in accordance with predetermined social structures. It is an ostensibly personalized space yet manifests near-uniformly across geographic, economic, and social boundaries; paint, drywall, dishcloths, bed linens, etc. accumulate with slight variations.

This environment is a governed, intimate space that is controlled and controls its inhabitants. The home itself is an inherited praxis; a model that, while evolved, is based on the development of early human social anatomy. The physical and psychological routines and passageways the home presents depict specific developmental conditions of

                        the family.

The facade of my home is thin, an epidermis that is monochrome and translucent.

My family is ever-present.