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Second Funeral

Performed October 2018 Royal College of Art Dyson Gallery

'Second Funeral' is a long-duration performance piece in which the artist occupied a public space within an education institution. The work is repetitive: 100 cotton handkerchiefs are ironed and placed on a wire laundry hanger. They are subsequently crumpled and put back into plastic grocery bags. The process starts and ends until the artist is completely physically and psychologically exhausted. 'Second Funeral' seeks to address hidden mental health issues within the public sphere, particularly those that manifest within the domestic space and amongst family members. The work pays tribute to the artist's maternal grandparents, particularly her grandmother, and her struggles with dimensia during her later years. The sound of the iron is amplified through a microphone and set of speakers; they are left on location during breaks.

peel it back and plaster it on again
it’s a chalk that gets stuck under fingernails
an inverted french manicure
pink powder, white powder
we are curdled milk in the texas sun

should I try to look wrong
i'm already looking wrong
but i take, i drink culture
it gets stuck in my teeth when i go down on it.
it’s convenient for this skin